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ESSAYS + ARTICLES (about me):

Isabel Waidner reviews All Us Girls Have Been Dead for So Long for aqnb

TANK Magazine preview for All Us Girls Have Been Dead for So Long

aqnb focus interview

Nathalie Boobis and Lucy Sames talk about Our House of Common Weeds in Art Licks issue 22

aqnb article on Multiplex

ESSAYS + ARTICLES (I've written):

Beth Collar: Daddy Issues for Burlington Contemporary

Fruit, murals, prisons: review of Manifesta 12 for a-n


Flood the World, as Fast as You Can


Commissioned for A Return to the Island, ed. Helena Lugo. Mexico City.

Gewritu Sæcierr Mín Brenting Butan


Print contribution to Paperwork Issue 3: iilwimi lipsing, ed. Jessa Mockridge and Catherine Smiles. London.

Issues available here

How to make your own absinthe and how to drink it best (or, internal salve for subjective dissolution and temporal dispersal [multiple herald])


Contribution to Reader's Digestion: A Health Zine edited by Casper Heinemann and Holly Reiliffe

Thinking Ecology Through My Fairphone 2


Commissioned for Archipelago #4, published by

Plain text PDF version available here

Flood the World, as Fast as You Can (early version)


Commissioned for De regreso a la isla exhibition and catalogue, ed. Helena Lugo. Palma.

Translations into Spanish by Rodolfo Sánchez and Catalan by Servei d'Assessorament Lingüístic de l'Ajuntament de Palma

Plain text PDF in English available here



Included in the 3D Additivist Cookbook ed. Moreshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke. 2D and 3D PDFs available to download here.