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Multiplex (events)


Multiplex was a durational project that ran at KELDER between 14th July and 2nd September 2017. Each element of the Multiplex production process was marked and made possible with a live event and an associated handout with text. The preparation of the first maceration of the absinthe played host to a performance reading; the subsequent distillation of the first maceration occurred in the form of a public workshop and file-sharing exercise; the collection of the distillate and preparation of the second maceration occurred during a sober dinner where guests ingested foodstuffs containing herbs and botanicals that also went into the absinthe; and finally the decanting of the second maceration and drinking of the final body of absinthe occurred amidst a communal singing of drinking songs.




Two-month manufacture of absinthe at KELDER, London between 14 July - 2 September 2017

Traddutore, Traditore (a new translation)


First maceration of absinthe with glass demijohn, vodka, grand wormwood, green anise, sweet fennel, coriander seed, lemon verbena, star anise, fennel seed, sage, altered rubber bung with headphone speakers, mp3 player, recording of Skeeter Davis’ 'The End of the World' and performance

Testing the Receptor Affinity


Distillation of absinthe with copper still, hot plate, rye flour paste, plastic tubing, water, ice, drinks dispenser, hydrometer, timer switch, workshop and transfer of files to USB sticks

Shrew Tree


Second maceration of absinthe with 2L glass bottle, absinthe distillate, petite wormwood, white wormwood, Russian wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm, headphones, mp3-player, sound recording from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, sober meal serving fresh bread with grand wormwood, za'taar oil with fennel seed and coriander seed, petite wormwood salad, mugwort (Russian wormwood) soup, pierogi with sage butter, honey glazed carrots with hyssop, lemon balm cake, star anise ice cream, lemon verbena tea, iced water with sweet fennel and discussion on 'poisoning'

Contagion heuristic


Serving and sharing of absinthe, performance of drinking songs by Dusty Boners, Perple Celotape, Sheaf+Barley, Chris Timms and Video Blue 

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