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Green Hour, Green Ray

The Orient, the Occident and the Accident walk into a bar:


‘Have you heard comrade? It is the hour!

‘Which hour?

‘The Hour!’


‘The hour of resurrection!

‘Which is when?

‘At 5’o’clock! At clocking out! When labours end and the sun and moon fold into each other.

‘Which is what?

‘The day of distillation! When a third of our waters turn foul in the pipes and many men shall be poisoned.

‘Which is where?

‘Where civilities and civilisations collide!

‘But how can this be?

‘The receptor affinity! Barakah! Contagion heuristic! Mine’s [a] bitter. Let sculpture be liquid and let bodies dissolve!

‘Which hour?


‘Who’s buying?


Green Hour, Green Ray


Redesigned logo for Green Ray, vinyl display, digital print, wallpaper paste

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