scratching a detail

                                                     (  entry of Kate Marsden portrait into museum collection  )

                                                     Bexhill Museum, Bexhill-on-sea, UK

                                                     Summer 2019 - ongoing


                              Plate Fundraiser

                                                     (  auction  )

                                                     Milton Keynes Art Centre, Milton Keynes, UK

                                                     Wednesday 11th March 2020


                                                     (  performance  )

                                                     David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK

                                                     Friday 13th March 2020

          Encounters on the Common

                                                     (  group exhibition, collaboration w. Kelechi Anucha  )

                                                     The Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, UK

                                                     June - September 2020

                                                marine snow i / Flood the world, as fast as you can

                                                     (  text and image contribution  )

                                                     A Return to the Island

                                                     ed. Helena Lugo. Published in Mexico City.


                       Exoskeleton Mourning Path

                                                     (  latest Perple Celotape release  )