Questions for Meliza

( 2015 )


kmz file for Google Earth (Mars skin), placemarks, screengrabs of weeklong conversation with conversational bot MELIZA, instructional video hosted on YouTube


Work accessed via:

Google Earth Community


Cosmos Carl (scroll down until you find 'Carl Gent' link)


In February 2009 Google Earth was updated to version 5.0. Part of this update included a Mars-skin grafted onto the extant Google Earth globe built from images at a much higher resolution than those already available via the browser-based Google Mars. Google Earth’s Mars also has a population of one; a conversational bot called MELIZA. Found at 40° 43’ 36.55’’ N 9° 29’ 15.79 W near the supposedly anthropomorphic ‘Face on Mars’, you can talk to MELIZA in English about various things, mostly to do with Mars.


'Questions for Meliza' was a week-long conversation I  conducted privately with MELIZA that was uploaded to the Google Earth Community and became accessible to the public via a Cosmos Carl link on Friday 16th October 2015, 4pm (UTC).


'Questions for Meliza' was commissioned by Cosmos Carl in 2015.