"Each of these ███ was a possible world, having its own coherence, its values, its sources of attraction and repulsion, its centre of gravity. And with all the differences between them, each of these possible worlds at that moment shared a vision, casual and superficial, of the island of Speranza, which caused them to act in common, and which incidentally contained a shipwrecked ███ called Robinson and ███ half-caste servant. For the present this picture occupied █████ minds, but for each of them it was purely temporary, destined very soon to be returned to the limbo from which it had been briefly plucked by the accident of the Whitebird's getting off course. And each of these possible worlds naively proclaimed itself the reality. That was what other ██████ were: the possible obstinately passing for the real...


Mingled with the claims of those possible worlds to exist was their picture of a Speranza doomed to disappear and it seemed to ███ that in granting them reality ██ was vowing Speranza to destruction."


After Michel Tournier's Friday, or, the Other Island (translated by Norman Denny) 





Carl Gent is an artist, musician and writer from Bexhill-on-sea, UK.


They obtained their MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London (2015) and their BA (Hons) Fine Art from UCA, Farnham (2009).


Recent exhibitions and performances include Wiðercwedolu þá Glésincga, The Residence Gallery, London; De Regreso a la Isla, Casal Solleric, Mallorca; L’Heure Verte: 1st Tasting, Green Ray, London; Questions for Meliza hosted by cosmoscarl.com; Tongue of the Preinoculated #2 (Song for the Destructor Flue), the Museum of Technology at Cambridge; The Space of No Exception, Sokol Gallery, Moscow; Ground Ground, Cafe Oto Project Space, London; Bad Truth for the IV Moscow Biennale for Young Art; and Gnats Inside the Wind Transposed for the Proterozoic Eon broadcast on All Silent but for the Broadcast, Royal College of Art Galleries, London.


They have co-curated Material Cryptographies, a two-day seminar considering the implications of encryption practices for contemporary existence and art-making at Tenderpixel, London; performed at Gustav Metzger’s Facing Extinction conference at UCA, Farnham; featured in Daria Kalugina's fictional exhibition catalogue As If; and were the inaugural recipient of the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Junior Fellowship.


Recent and forthcoming residencies include City Under the Sea and Demonio! Demonio! at The Institute of Things to Come, Turin; Study Week Devised by Jesse Darling at Wysing Arts Centre, Bourne; ICA Academic Dacha, Vyshny Volochok, Russia; North Light, Dunbar, Scotland; and Conjunction Biennale Residency, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.


They also blog about clothes with Rachel Arguile at Fashion Vacuum and perform as a part of drum and amplified sitar duo Perple Celotape with Andrew Ferguson.


Please email for a full CV.